Make It More Than Just Lessons

Written by Will Robins, PGA.

One of the easiest things to forget as a teaching professional is the real reason people seek golf lessons. We tend to think people come to us just to improve their golf swing, their short game, or to shoot lower scores. The real reason people take golf lessons is to find more enjoyment playing the game of golf. Repeat after me: ENJOYMENT.

What does that really mean in golf?

Compensation Isn't Everything

Written by Carol Pence, PGA.


In these times where compensation and benefits are tighter in exchange for heavier workloads, what's to keep your best employees from looking for greener pastures? It is common knowledge that people leave managers, not facilities. So to you managers: Are you effectively motivating your employees? 

The Premise of a Job

Written by Carol Pence, PGA.

Sometimes, the simplest questions are the most profound. Why does a particular job exist within a facility? Why should anyone hire you to fill it? What are you worth? Many of us don’t realize how simple the answers are:

  • Any job done well, will either produce profits or reduce costs.
  • You will be hired only if you can convince the hiring manager that you can do the job better than anyone else.
  • You are worth, in terms of any job, what you produce.

Is There Room For Improvement Here?

Written by Carol Pence, PGA.

In this day and age, strengthening relationships and building loyalty with customers is fundamental in retaining and growing business. While there are many facets to doing this, one of the most important is ensuring that customers feel comfortable and are treated consistently. Start by analyzing the atmosphere: