Senior-Junior Championship

2017 NCPGA Senior-Junior ChampionshipJoin us for the NCPGA Senior-Junior Championship supported by Caddy X with contributions from Evolve Golf!  

Each team will have two players from different age groups; teams MUST be comprised of players from different age groups. Players will enter individually, paying the $175 fee and indicating their playing partner's name. Teams will be created based on the information for "PGA Partner".

Individuals who do not have a partner may still enter the event; please indicate "None" in the partner field and call Mike Cook, PGA to assist in finding a partner. Field is limited to the first 96 paid entries (48 teams total). Entry fee includes continental breakfast, lunch, and buffet after the event.

There are three eligible age divisions:

  1. Junior (ages 49 and below)
  2. Senior (ages 50-64)
  3. Super Senior (ages 65 and up)

Format & Tee Times:

Round 1 - Four Ball (Team Better Ball) - Shotgun start at 8:30AM
Round 2 - Two Pro Scramble - Shotgun start at 2:30PM

Oakley Hole in One Pool

This event is eligible for the 2017 Hole in One Pool presented by Oakley.

If a hole in one is made by a player who has entered the pool at this and other eligible events, they will be placed on the list for an end of year payout. At the end of the year, the total of all players who made a hole in one will evenly split the money in the pool. If no hole in one is made, all players and the pool will carry over to the following year.

For a complete listing of eligible events or to enter the Hole in One Pool, please click here.

Seniors Hole in One Pool - Sponsored by Hole-in-One USA

No entry necessary. All NCPGA Senior players are eligible (except Class A3 and F) for the Hole in One Pool sponsored by Hole-in-One USA.

If a hole in one is made by a Senior player they will be placed on the payout list for an end of the year payout. A player may be entered more than once.At the end of the year, the total of all Senior players who made a hole in one will be paid equally out of the $1,000 pool sponsored by Hole-in-One USA. If no hole in one is made during the 2017 season, all funds will transfer over to the next year's contest.

For additional information, please view the event page or contact Mike Cook, PGA at (209) 962-8620.