Surround Yourself with Excellence

Written by Carol Pence, PGA.

Somewhere along my way, I had the opportunity to learn from one of the very best in our business. While she may not be the best golf course operator, Emmy Moore-Minister is one of the most savvy on how to shine your brightest; how to market and brand yourself; how to “sell” yourself; how to show and increase your value. She also gave me one piece of advice that has served me very well and this is:

Utilizing the Data from this year’s Compensation Survey

Written by Carol Pence, PGA.

The PGA Compensation Survey is known as the industry standard for providing invaluable data on golf professional compensation levels. This year, the participation rate nationally was over 59% and in the NorCal section over 67%. Thanks to all who participated, as it will assist you, your fellow PGA Professionals, and the Employment Services Team.

Landing a New Position with the Help of Your Resume

Written by Carol Pence, PGA.

The PGA of America offers its members a variety of excellent employment tools including resources for new job opportunity awareness like CareerLinks and PGAjobfinder plus access to many other employment information resources on As one of the PGA Employment Consultants, I have the opportunity to advise and assist PGA Professionals as they pursue opportunities to advance their careers. It is important to understand however that there are numerous pieces to the “puzzle” of finding a new and better position.

What is Holding Us Back?

Written by Carol Pence, PGA.

There is a wonderful story of a young boy who was sitting on a wharf who was fascinated by steadfastly watching an old man fish at the end of the pier. He began to notice that the old man was throwing away the larger fish and keeping only the smaller ones. The little boy was confused because he thought the whole idea of fishing was to catch the largest fish possible. When he couldn’t stand it anymore, he asked the old man why he was tossing back the big ones and only keeping the little ones. The old man looked puzzled and said, “Son, my frying pan is only seven inches wide.”

Sadly, so many of us are unable to look beyond our current circumstance to seize what could be ours. Some of us don’t look beyond the present or create a vision of what could be. To succeed, we need to take off the blinders to break out of this, understand the opportunities that your current position offers and master the tasks assigned to you.

Stay Competitive in the Job Market

Written by Carol Pence, PGA.

“Success is Dependent upon Effort”

This simple, yet refined quote by the Greek poet Sophocles is a career motto every professional should live by. Moving ahead in your career truly comes down to the effort and time you put into it  not just being in the right place at the right time.