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Junior Tour of Northern California
junior tour logo
In 2011, the Junior Tour of Northern California was established by combining the resources of the NCGA and the NCPGA’s Junior Tours, in order to create a single tour where junior golfers could compete against the best players for an affordable price.
PGA Merchandise Show
PGA Merchandise Show - Orlando, FL - January 24-27, 2017. Click Here for more information.
Play Golf America
Learn to Play Golf
California Alliance for Golf
The Voice of Golf in California
PGA Jr. League Golf
PGA Links
The Official Member Site of The PGA of America
Playing Ability Test
View the PAT Schedule and learn more about the benefits of becomming a PGA Professional.
USGA Rules of Golf
One of the core functions of the USGA is to write and interpret the Rules of Golf
Performance Trak
Rules of Golf Hotline